Forward Michael McCarron has been tied up for the NHL, the Canadiens announced Wednesday morning.

Last month, the Habs announced that McCarron, who is 24 years old, was suffering from a groin injury and would be out of play for a six-week period.

The American, who is six feet six inches and weighs 230 pounds, has never managed to make his niche with the Canadian. McCarron scored seven goals and 14 assists in 32 games last season with the Laval Rocket, the CH school club.

The NHL’s first-overall pick, 25th overall, in 2013, scored two goals and six assists in 69 career regular season games on the Bettman circuit. He also took part in a playoff game with the CH.

On the other hand, the Blue-white-red announced that goalkeeper Keith Kinkaid will make his first start with the team on Wednesday night, against the Sabers in Buffalo.

In the late afternoon, the Canadiens also announced that defensemen Mike Reilly and Christian Folin will play their first game on the blue line, instead of Cale Fleury and Brett Kulak.

The Canadiens will then return to Montreal on Thursday against the Detroit Red Wings. Goalkeeper Carey Price should be the starting goaltender for the occasion.

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