Three of MLB’s four playoff series are played at the ultimate games. It’s hard to ask for anything better, especially with the fact that the American League’s favorite team, the Houston Astros, and the Los Angeles Dodgers’ National, are there. Suddenly, the portrait of the series could go wild in 48 hours.

So what to expect from these three ultimate games?

I would say at this point that relying on statistics would likely be a mistake. Who will be able to compose the best with this pressure and the emotions would be more right. The beauty in all of this is seeing all six teams with a leading pitcher on the mound. Having the advantage of the field will also make sense!

Cardinals c. Braves (Wednesday 5 pm, RDS2)

If the Saint Louis Cardinals forced this fifth game, they must thank the Atlanta Braves. Without disrespecting the Cards, the Braves missed a lot of chances to finish in the fourth game. With Jack Flaherty at the mound for the Cards, anything is possible. What is less reassuring is certainly the succession and the holding of the first two batters of the role. The Cards must have riders on goal when Paul Goldschmidt and Marcell Ozuna go to bat.

In the Braves, we have to hope that Mike Foltynewicz can have the same slippery ball as on his last start. Under the circumstances, a home start could favor the Braves pitcher. The key to Atlanta is the Freddie Freeman outfit. A player does not make a team, but if Freeman regains his benchmarks in attack, the Braves will have the advantage.

Nationals c. Dodgers (Wednesday 8:30 pm)

What excellent pitching duel to predict between Stephen Strasburg and Walker Buehler. So I’m anticipating a low-scoring match, even if the Nationals are able to escape. Anthony Rendon is the one to watch for Washington as he is not only a scoring machine, but he is calm. Certainly, one of those who will not let emotions take over.

In the Dodgers, Cody Bellinger has to give more. His mission in 2019 was to be at the top of his form in the playoffs. It would have to start tonight. I wish Russell Martin is starting training. Russell was the sparkler in his second win in this series, as well as having a lot of experience in this type of game. I mentioned not focusing on statistics, but I will add that Russell scored 3 hits in 6 appearances against Strasburg in career.

Rays c. Astros (Thursday 7 pm)

The Rays impress! They play baseball as it should be played. They are disciplined and patient in attack. They perform in defense and what about pitching staff management by Kevin Cash. Candy! Difficult not to fall in love with this style, this creativity and especially this performance. It will not be different in the final match. Nothing seems to bother this team.

Whatever the outcome of this match, which will certainly be very tight, the Rays have won the respect of all! In the context where this team understood the concept of team, difficult to choose a key player to match, but I would watch Tommy Pham and Ji-Man Choi and what about Willy Adames and Austin Meadows? Finally, impossible to choose one!

The Astros, the best team on paper, will have to be at their best to overcome the Rays. If they have an advantage, it’s the presence of Gerrit Cole at the mound. The best pitchers will always have the upper hand on the best hitters. Cole to demonstrate, once again. It is also said that the best players must excel during these ultimate games, so I expect a big game from Alex Bregman. But talent is put aside in these games. Who can keep his cool, who can hold his emotions and play up, and which team can play the best team?

Since I must, I predict victories for the Braves, Dodgers and Astros, in order to follow a certain logic. But really, I’m far from certain. This is what I like series this year, anything can happen.

Good baseball to all!

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